Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sushma Chaudhary and Desi Hens Joke

Q: What does Sushma Chaudhary have in common with Desi Hens?
A: Both go pagal (crazy) at the sight of a South Indian Black Cobra!

For a Long Time Joke

 A Hindustani Begum (lady) is enjoying sex with a Big Black Dravidian Soldier from the one of the Telinga
Regiments. After being leisurely shafted by him for several hours, she is surprised when he suddenly pulls out his South Indian Black Cobra.
 "Abhi aap hum ko bahut der ke liye nahi dekhengi! (Now you won't see me for a long time!)" he tells her.
 "Kyon? (Why ?)" she asks in disappointment. "Aap Malabar ko wapas jare ho? (Are you going back to Malabar?)"
 "No! (Nahi!)" replies the Telinga. "Abhi hum aap ko peeche se chodunga! (Now I'll fuck you from behind)!"

SMS Version:
A Hindi Begum is being leisurely shafted by a Big Black South Indian Soldier from the Telinga Regiments. After several hours he suddenly stops n pulls out.
 Dravidian: Now you won't see me for a long time!
 Begum: Why? Are you going back to Malabar?
 Dravidian: No, now I'll please you from behind!

Hindustani Sex vs Bengali Sex Joke

 A Hindustani Nawab and a Bengali Begum decide to get married. On the Shab-e-Aroosi (Wedding Night), the Nawab doffs his Sherwani and tells the Begum, "Meri Mehbooba, Ulta Ghumo! HINDUSTANI CHUDAI mein hum Aadmi Log Orat ki Peechey mein karte! (My Darling, Turn Around! In HINDUSTANI SEX us Menfolk do the Woman in the Backside!)"
  At this the Bengali Begum strips off her Shalwar Qameez and the Nawab is surprised to see a 12-inch Black Dravidian Dildo tied around her hips. "Are Haramzada, TUM Ulta Ghumo! BANGALI CHUDAI mein hum Orat Log Admi ka Gaand mein chodte! (Bastard, You turn around!! In BENGALI SEX us Womenfolk fuck the Man in the Arse!)"